A revolutionary way for you to play more than just padel on your court.

Absolute Multisport

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in North America, and there is no better place to play it than on one of our Absolute Padel & Pickleball combo courts.

Absolute Padel has partnered with Sport Court, the world’s largest court builder, to reimagine and develop a padel court with endless possibilities.

By using Sport Court’s revolutionary new SportGame PB flooring, you can now switch from playing padel to pickleball by simply changing rackets and balls.

SportGame PB provides a comfortable, cushioned surface that is easy on the body and lasts four time longer than turf. With the glass and wire surroundings, our Padel & Pickleball combo court provides built-in ball containment and addresses the number one pickleball complaint: noise. Ambient sound is reduced by 75% over conventional pickleball courts.

Want more than just padel and pickleball? Easy. Add one of our Slam Systems and play half court basketball. Or use our variable height net poles and play volleyball or badminton.

You can even do all of the above. Absolute Multisport offers flexibility no other court can.