A seamless balance between the original warehouse details and modern materiality.

When it came time to build the ultimate padel club in the United States, Absolute Padel was the obvious partner. Our AP design team worked with the owners to create a space that was every bit amazing and functional. It had to be so much more than just a place to play padel.

Padel in Philadelphia had a growing community of players who needed a place to call home. This would be it, and our indoor facility needed to be spectacular.

Our team went to work to help them design a space that would be conducive to more than the game itself. PADELphia is the perfect event hosting space with multiple social areas. Bring your team, line up a DJ and caterer. Our club is made to be everything to everyone.

In addition to three beautiful Absolute, Padel customized padel courts, the 30,000 square-foot space features a coffee station, viewing mezzanines, game tables, a VIP lounge, an Adidas pro shop, and locker rooms.
And it’s accessible to more than just the racket sports community. We offer multi-sport options, including basketball, pickleball, and volleyball.

What started a few years ago as two outdoor exhibition padel courts in Philadelphia’s Manayunk neighborhood has grown into the most amazing indoor padel facility in the United States. Absolute Padel helped make this happen.