Series G – The Kiara

A Revolutionary design using natural, sustainable, long lasting wood to makes this court like no other :

  • Nobody can think out of the box like Absolute Padel. Our wood based Kiara court is the perfect example. There’s nothing in the world like this.
    Instead of using traditional materials, like steel, this court uses wood posts combined with traditional glass panels to create a unique structure that cannot be duplicated. The result is what many consider to be the most beautiful padel court ever built.

  • Highlighted by its incredibly strong 8” x 8” wood posts, this bold statement can only be built by Absolute Padel, and it’s only available in certain areas of the United States.

  • If you want a truly unique padel court experience that compliments your natural, picturesque surroundings, there really is no other option. The Kiara is a revolution in PADEL court building. Contact us for more information on this truly unique court or to see it first hand.

The best materials make the best court :

  • Pumping Iron: This is the F350 Super duty of padel courts. The Kiara uses 40% more steel than competitors similar pillar court models.
  • Set it and Forget It: Our Superflex Powder Coat ensures against chipping and cracking to eliminate unwanted maintenance.
  • It Belongs Here: Court layout uses English Imperial measurements, so no need for metric conversions.
  • Make our Court Yours: Custom color, lighting, and signage options will make the court uniquely yours.
  • Flex Your Muscle: Heavy 3×3 pillars and 1/2″ glass ensure that The Kiara can handle the highest wind loads in the industry.
  • Stronger is Better: We use all forged 1/8″ wall steel on ALL pillar posts and mesh panel frames, no bent sheet metal.
  • Built to Last: All high grade stainless steel fasteners ensure no rusting, even in coastal areas.
  • Under Feet, Out of Mind: AP Super Turf provides the longest-lasting and lowest maintenance flooring available. It also virtually eliminates visible seams.
  • Do Whatcha Like: Multisport and Pickleball options are available.
  • Clearly the Best: Our AP HighTemp Structural Glass offers the strongest, clearest glass walls on the market. And it’s made right here in the USA.
  • Let there be Light: Lighting for The Kiara has been photometrically balanced to provide the perfect amount of illumination on the court without unwanted overspill off the court.
  • We Got Your Back: Our padel court installers are located right in your back yard and are here to make sure your courts are installed correctly from day one and stay that way for years to come.

If you want the ABSOLUTE most natural padel court available, this is it.

To us, a padel court is more than just a place to play our favorite sport, it is a work of art. Sure, a padel court must conform to the correct dimensions of play. But, how the glass and mesh is held there is up to us. Our designers and engineers embrace the challenge to build a court as stylish and sexy as our sport is. No court in the world demonstrates that like The Kiara. The design team at Absolute Padel threw out all the old ideas and preconceived notions of how a padel court should be built. The result is a beautiful court made from one of North America’s most sustainable materials: wood.